Friday, December 31, 2010

Dress: La Notte (Black) in FlowerDreams Creations
Jewelry: Isadora Set (Silver) in PurpleMoon Creations
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Pose 1-10 in .::Ks2cool::.

I am proud to present you this stunning gown from one New Designer that I found in the grid: Nile Karas, Owner & Designer of FlowerDreams Creations!! And...


Thursday, December 30, 2010

- 1 -
Dress: SORA (Pink) in PurpleMoon Creations
Leggings: SORA Leggings (Black) in PurpleMoon Creations
Hair: Ana Hair Attachment (Blondes) in PurpleMoon Creations
Pose: SLuicide Girls 5 in {.:exposeur:.}

- 2 -
Outfit: TANGO (Black) in PurpleMoon Creations
Bracelets: Etnia Bangles (Black) in PurpleMoon Creations
Hair: Rie (Earth Tones) in PurpleMoon Creations
Pose: SLuicide Girls 2 in {.:exposeur:.}

Look for the Golden Tags as shown in this picture and get your favorite piece 50% OFF!! The SALE will run until January 1st, 2011!! Gooooooooo to PurpleMoon Creations!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dress: Manchu Dress in CHANTKARE
Shoes: Prima in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Darlene (Champagne) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Fall Look in ..::DARE::..

Today I am proud to present you one of my favorite dresses from CHANTKARE: the Manchu Dress!! Applonia Criss always make a great job in her designs, but this one is really special to me!! The Manchu Dress in yards and yards of sumptuous silk chiffon fabulous print with an origami bodice trimmed in red flowers. Go to CHANTKARE and grab yours!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dress & Jacket: Nikka (Chinese Laquer) in Indyra Originals
Hair: Melody (Champagne) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Fashion Pose Catwalk & Photoshoot 36 in Perfection Is Style

The creations of Indyra Seigo are always fabulous! And today I am proud to present you the last Release of Indyra Originals: Nikka! Nikka features a strapless fitted bodice and balloon skirt which is adorned with a waist belt that create a very chic look! Nikka comes too with a stunning jacket... And it's available in 5 different colors! Go to Indyra Originals and grab yours!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dress: MANUELA (Cream) in Donna Flora
Jewelry: ELSA Set in Donna Flora
Shoes: Plastique in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Carmen (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Alexandra 02 in [doll.]

MANUELA is a very glamorous dress! The dress is half-sculpted and with a fabulous style! It is available in different pastel colors... And it is perfect for a cocktail party, in my opinion! Go to Donna Flora and grab yours!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dress: *MLC* Hollywood Nights (Gold) in Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry: Lady Forest Set in *ByKay*
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Jewelry 5 in Glitterati

Luscious Ladies, for all those upcoming glamorous holiday events, Mohna Lisa Couture designed the perfect gown for you! It's red carpet time... Introducing the Hollywood Nights Gowns! Come and experience this sensational 1930's inspired, Hollywood glamorous gown. Look and feel like Gene Harlow and all of the other beautiful Hollywood stars of the time. The dress, made from sleek satin, comes with a sexy bodice made out of vintage lace and is topped off with a sensational must have stole. Simply divine, simply glamorous... Simply sexy and elegant! Comes in a variety of Winter inspired colors: Snow, Midnight, Gold, Ice Blue and Template Dusk. Go to Mohna Lisa Couture and grab yours!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dress: *SRD* Alissa (Cream) in Silver Rose Designs
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Fashion Pose Catwalk & Photoshoot 47 in Perfection is Style

Alissa is a mess of lace. The dress contains several styles to give you a myriad options to wear it. Each dress come with: Blouse (3 styles), glitch pants (4 styles), system skirt (with and without lace), middle sculpted/flexi lace (2 styles), sculpted and flexi skirt (6 styles). Alissa is available in 6 colors: Chocolate, Cream, Latte, Monochrome, Royal and Siren. Each dress costs 850L and the Fatpack is available at the MainStore per 3400L!! Go to Silver Rose Designs and grab your favorite!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

- 1 -
Dress: With Love Dress in SON!A
Shoes: Classic Pumps Christmas & Winter Edition in [Glow] Studio
Pose: Happy Holidays! 2 in Di's Opera

- 2 -
Outfit: Salma (Black & Blues) in PurpleMoon Creations
Shoes: Classic Pumps Chritmas & Winter Edition in [Glow] Studio
Pose: Wreath 5 in aDORKable Poses

- 3 -
Dress: Pretty Snow in Fellini Couture
Shoes: Delicate Ballet Flats in Magoa
Pose: Happy Holidays! 1 in Di's Opera

- 4 -
Outfit & Shoes: Happy Holidays Outfit in *BOOM*
Pose: Wreath 3 in aDORKable Poses

- 5 -
Dress: Safira in (Kunglers)
Pose: Wreath 10 in aDORKable Poses

The Happy Holidays Hunt starts on December, 10th at ISPACHI which is the Hunt Sponsor. 100 brands are involved and each hunt item is 10L$. Brands have been asked to ensure that their items are worth more than 400L, and that they are hidden within a reasonable range from the Landing Point, and on the same floor you land on. Gooooooooo!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dress: Belle (Onyx) in (Elate!)
Bolero: LaRosa Fur Bolero (Black) in LaRosa The Cult SL Fashion
Jewelry: Elise Set in *ByKay*
Shoes: Prima in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Darlene (Champagne) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Pose 57-60 in .::Ks2cool::.

The newest addition to the (Elate!) Collection is an adorable NEW dress (Belle) with a sculpted skirt and that's perfect for upcoming holiday parties. Go to (Elate!) and grab yours!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dress: COURTISANE (Blue) in CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion
Shoes: Prima in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Fashion Pose Catwalk & Photoshoot 36 in Perfection Is Style

Cinderella is alive and well at CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and she is wearing COURTISANE! You will not only be the belle of the ball in this stunning masterpiece but, when you disappear at midnight, you will leave behind the memory of your beauty, charm, elegance and grace! COURTISANE is available in: White, Creme, Emeraude or Blue. The full-bodied gown is powerful in its presence, surrounding you in folds of gorgeous satin. The full skirt is knee-lenght in the front and is full lenght in the back and makes a visually strong impact. The bodice of the gown is cut in a deep V, is fitted at the waist, and is backless - very alluring! A beautifully embroidered, sculpted cape surrounds your shoulders, open in back, and closed in the front with a striking gem flower and tassle at the nape of your neck. Every detail on this gown is unique, feminine, and just plain sensational! Also included is a pair of matching gloves with sculpted tops. And your identity will be revealed only when you remove the fabulous face masque that has been included as well! COURTISANE is for the woman of elegance, mystery, and sophistication. Whether you are looking for your prince or you want to make a lasting impression, COURTISANE will keep everyone's attention on you! Hurry to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and pick up your favorite!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dress: Tate MiniDress (Violet) in [LeeZu!]
Leggings: SOURCE LaFemme Leggings in LE.LOOK!
Boots: SnowDrift in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Bracelet: Black Bead Single Wrap Bracelet in Bonita's Jewelry
Hair: Padma (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Body Language 6 in 3636

A little wild kitten will take you over in LeeZu's NEW Tate MiniDress, covering you in a sophisticated and feminine cut leopard print. Reveal your legs or wear it as a tunic, while the soft and glossy fabrics accent your waist and tickle your thights. Completed by a silky ribbon scarf, making it casual yet elegant. Go to [LeeZu!] and grab yours!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dress: Christmas 2010 Gown (Rouge) in Angel Dessous
Hair: Monica Hair (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Fashion Pose Catwalk & Photoshoot 20 in Perfection Is Style

Because Christmas is coming... I am proud to present you the Christmas 2010 Gown of Angel Dessous!! To see more go to Angel Dessous MainStore and grab your favorite!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dress: DELICATE in CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion
Hair: Adrina Hair (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Poof! 7 in {.:exposeur:.}

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is proud to introduce you DELICATE, a wonderful white feathers dress with white satine corset and glittering collar. A feathers white bolero and feathers head piece come to complete it!! For graceful women... Grab yours HERE!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dress: Origami Gown in Fellini Couture
Jewelry: XENIA Set in Donna Flora
Hair: Tanya (Blonde Pack) in TRUTH
Pose: Chris 6 in Posies

This newest creation from Joy Fellini is another artistic wonder! This gown captures perfectly the feeling of Origami Art, which is the Japanese folk art of folding paper, started in the 17th century. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of material into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be Origami.
This gown is inspired by a Real Life creation originally designed by Christian Dior. You have to see this gown up close to truly appreciate its magnificence. The angles, the embroidered textures, and the Eifel Tower itself appears on two panels of the gown. And this would also make a lovely, unique wedding gown! The flowered hair adornment is added and the look is unlike anything I have seen yet in Second Life fashion! Congratulations, Joy! (by: Carilynn Ohare)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outfit: In Love Outfit in Nemesis (With Love Hunt)
Hair: Frappe (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Elektra in IDEA MOTUS (With Love Hunt)

Dress: Rouched Dress in [Penned] (With Love Hunt)
Hair: Cecilia Hair (Caviar) in Bliss Couture (With Love Hunt)
Pose: Cassiopea in IDEA MOTUS (With Love Hunt)
Dress: Hollywood Dress in Rock Me Amadeus (With Love Hunt)
Hair: Yumiko Hair (Saffron) in Bliss Couture (With Love Hunt)
Pose: Cleide in IDEA MOTUS (With Love Hunt)

Don't forget that With Love Hunt starts 25th November til 17th December!! Many great Designers are giving out High Quality Items, for only 10L!! Gooooooooo!!
Dress: WLD (Nude) in [[[SWANSONG]]] (With Love Hunt)
Pose: M-CM-Dazed in [LAP] (With Love Hunt)
Dress: Cordelia in -AZUL- (With Love Hunt)
Pose: ToE-Snookums in [LAP] (With Love Hunt)

It's almost time for the With Love Hunt to begin!! The Hunt starts on November 25th and each item will cost you 10L!! This Hunt is full of some of the most loved stores and brands in Second Life and they are giving you some loving by putting out a fabulous Hunt Item for you to find!! Amazing designs with great quality... I'm sure that you'll love all of them!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outfit: City Glam in Sascha's Designs
Boots: Bota Polaina (Black) in Brasil Mall
Hair: Liza Hair (Champagne) in Bliss Couture
Pose 1: Alexandra 08 in [doll.]
Pose 2: Alexandra 06 in [doll.]
Pose 3: Alexandra 03 in [doll.]

Here is the Mix & Match Set - City Glam - I can't even count the amount of different sets you can make with this outfit. The City Glam comes with: 5 different Tops, Collar to go with Top 4, 3 different types of Straps, Black Ski Pants, Silver Ski Pants, Friemel Pants and Friemel Skulpty Skirt. The price is 299L and you can find this amazing outfit in Sascha's Designs!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dress: Feena (1) in Agnes Finney
Necklace: Touch the Stars in *Finesmith Jewelry*
Hair: Con Panna (Black Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Chelsey 6 in Posies

Looking for a gown for styling contest or award ceremony? Feena is the choice for you!! Sexy and sophisticated are the words to describe this dress. The skirt highlighted by roses are meant to reveal your long and sexy legs. Anything could go well with Feena!! Hope you'll like it!! Go to Agnes Finney MainStore and grab yours!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dress: Lian (Night Flower) in Angel Dessous
Earrings: MARGHERITA Earrings in Donna Flora
Hair: Christine Hair (Blonde) in
Bliss Couture
Pose: Fashion Pose Catwalk & Photoshoot 1 in
Perfection is Style

Lian is a beautiful, asian styled evening dress, available in 4 color versions. The overall shape is slim, the silk surrounds your body like a second skin. The skirt with a train part is flowing smooth around your legs. The big fan on the front is made of the same silk and decorated with a chinese metallic sign. The awesone detailled headpiece is included and gives the whole appearance a royalty look. You will surely agree that Lian is a really gorgeous asian outfit!! Go to Angel Dessous MainStore and grab your favorite!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


November Contest Entry Deadline: 28th November 2010.

Le Charme Fashion is holding a contest. Which is your Charme? We want to see your fantasy and your taste wearing Le Charme Fashion!! Become the next TOP MODEL OF THE MONTH and everybody will see your picture at the entrance of the Store for one month... And it's a free way for you to promote yourself as a Model!!

1. 1000L.
2. Next New Release Vendor's Model.
3. Entry into Le Charme Fashion Agency as a Top Model with the possibility to do Fashion Shows.
4. One JESYLILO skin gently offered by Lilo Glam (850L).
5. Portfolio or Profile Picture gently offered by STYLIN'U by Hallelujah Bellingshausen (500L).
6. Set of Poses by Morgane Batista (1000L).

This is NOT a voting contest!! Entries will be pre-screened by Le Charme Fashion Staff and final winners will be choosen by them. Any judges participating in the monthly contest will not be named publicly.

1. Buy the outfit you like the most by Le Charme Fashion Fall Collection (old collection is sold at 100L).
2. Gifts excluded. Old collection excluded.
3. Take a picture wearing it and show us all your CHARME. The picture have to be 1024x1024 Bodyshot and Full Perms. Can be edited out of SL, it's up to you to. The judge will pick the best person wearing Le Charme Fashion style (beauty, how you wear the outfit, hair, etc...)
4. Only Le Charme Fashion designs and jewelry should appear in the picture. No pieces from any other designer should appear.
5. You may submit from 1 to a maximum of 3 pictures (each with different outfits, of course).
6. Models who already model for Le Charme Fashion may enter, but previous 1st place winners are ineligible to participate.
7. Men may not appear in the picture. No more than one female in any picture.
8. Only Model's and Outfit's name are allowed on the picture.
9. Rename the picture with "Le Charme Fashion - Which Is Your Charme (Your Name)" and give it to Ramona Planer.
10. Join the Flickr Group.
11. Post the picture on the group with the same title that used in SL. You are allowed to post from 1 to 3 pictures per month. Include in the comments the name of the outfit and a little description about yourself.
12. Le Charme Fashion reserves the right to disqualify if the rules mentioned are not respected.

The competition is opened since 31st October til 28th November. You have to send your pictures until 28th November. The Winner will be announced within 30th November.

The Winners will be announced in Le Charme Fashion Group and on Flickr Group Chat on 30th November. The picture of the Winner will be in Le Charme Fashion Store for all next month, so everybody can see who has WIN!!
Any and all inquires and entries for the contest should be directed to Ramona Planer and NOT to any of the Designers or Staff of Le Charme Fashion.

Most importantly... Have Fun and Good Luck!!

Le Charme Fashion Staff

Dress: DIANE in Donna Flora
Jewelry: MARGHERITA Set in Donna Flora
Shoes: BS Pearl Scarpin in Brasil Mall
Hair: Blissy Hair (Single Butterfly - Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Fashion Pose Catwalk & Photoshoot 4 in Perfection Is Style

Donna Flora has a NEW and fantastic release for you!! The stunning DIANE immediatly caught my eye!! The dress was made with the softest pastel fabrics. You can wear this fabulous DIANE dress with or without the jacket that matches extremely well with the cute poofy skirt!! To finish my look I combined the dress with the NEW amazing MARGHERITA Set from Donna Flora!! Go to the MainStore and grab yours!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dress: Mandy (Black) in PurpleMoon Creations
Socks: (part of) Sienna Crochett Cocktail Gown in Indyra Originals
Earrings: Forever Bride Earrings in *Finesmith Jewelry*
Boots: Coquette Noir Augustine Boots (Black) in Indyra Originals
Hair: Lynn Hair (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Graecyn in {.:exposeur:.}

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dress: Un Robe (Lavender) in [LeeZu!]
Jewelry: Sunrise Set in Donna Flora
Shoes: Prima in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Adrina Hair (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Makeover Jane in {.:exposeur:.}

As precious as a jewel, [LeeZu!]'s latest release shines now on the store hangers waiting for you!! Available in 5 fresh colors, this fully sculpted spotted dress with a contrasting tone underneath, is sprinkled with vividly distinctive gems along the hem. Elegant yet soft, it lures the fashionista's desires. Lose yourself in the folds of the Un Robe dress!! Teleport!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dress: Fleur (Yellow) in Lil's Fashion
Jewelry: Suri Jewelry Set (Peacock) in §GaNKeD§
Hair: Siri (Blondes) in Maitreya
Pose: Makeover Terra in {.:exposeur:.}

Lil's Fashion has a New Release: Fleur!! A lovely splenderous gown that caught my eye when I first saw it!! Lilac Niven made an amazing job, as always!! Fleur comes in 7 gorgeous colors!! Visit Lil's Fashion today and pick out your favorite!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

- 1 -
Dress: Spiderweb Dress in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Black Sherbet Jewelry Set in §GaNKeD§
Shoes: Prisma in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Abigail (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Chelsey 4 in Posies

- 2 -
Dress: Eve Gown (Halloween Special Edition) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Black Sherbet Jewelry Set in §GaNKeD§
Hair: Darlene (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Kacey 4 in Posies

Because it's Halloween... A two special amazing outfits from Bliss Couture!! You can't miss them!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress: Ellis (Poppy) in (Kunglers Couture)
Jewelry: Lady Forest Set in *ByKay*
Hair: Monica (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Sara 10 in [doll.]

Today I'm proud to present an amazing design from the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection of (Kunglers Couture): Ellis!! I'm wearing Ellis in Poppy and it's available too in Serina, Chocolate, Prism and Frozen!! It's a fabulous and very glamorous dress... You have to visit (Kunglers Couture) and grab yours!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shirt: Soda Shirt (Mod 1) in Baiastice
Pants: Brinka Trousers (Blue) in Baiastice
Shoes: BM Summer Wedge (Blues & Greens) in Baby Monkey
Jewelry: 2009 AlienbearxAgnes in Alienbear's Design
Hair: Carmen (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: VISTAPF23 in Vista Animations

As promised, I'll continue to show you the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection of Baiastice! This shirt and pants are another example of this fabulous collection, rich in colors and with different and fabulous materials! One more time, I want to tell: Congratulations to Sissy Pessoa for this amazing Fall/Winter Collection! Go to Baiastice and see with your own eyes!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dress: Armed Elegance in House Of Fox
Earrings: Couture Pearls Jewels in House Of Fox
Bracelet: Bead Single Wrap Bracelet (Black) in Bonita's Jewelry
Shoes: Wonder in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Darlene (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Jane in Posies

Armed Elegance is a short dress in Black and White with a fantastic black prim attachment for the shoulders. It looks like they are connected to the shoulders with two stripes, one on each shoulder that hold the great shoulderparts in place. The top is made in black, without likes or stripes that go up to the neck. The skirt starts in black and it looks like that there would be another underskirt in cream-white, but the whole skirt is made of one prim... Simply amazing! Go to House Of Fox and grab yours!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dress: Radieuse (Rouge) in Prelude
Hair: Con Panna (Blondes) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Professional Catwalk Photoshoot Pose 29 in Perfection is Style

Dress: Envole Moi (Rose) in Prelude
Hair: Espresso (Blondes) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Professional Catwalk Photoshoot Pose 21 in Perfection is Style

Today I present you two more amazing designs from Prelude! Like I said yesterday, Prelude is closing and having a BIG CLOSING SALE til October, 26th. Everything are disccounted to 50L (except Fatpacks that are also disccounted).
First dress is Radieuse. The dress indeed intends to make you radiant, but also sensual and fresh, with its bodice of lacing. Romantic summer balls, a touch of hot blood, extremely sensual dress in three vivid colors: Rouge, Bleu and Fuchsia.
Second dress is Envole Moi. Inspired in the winds of September, this dress has a romantic aspect to it - it's fresh and light - yet it is nice touch for the Autumn. A little extra touch for the mid-season. It comes in five colors: Green, Turquoise, Autumn, Rose and Silver... And in all layers as always (the skirt is sculpted, not flexi). Let the Autumn breeze fly you to Prelude Mainstore!