Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello Fashionistas! Today I am so proud to present you this fabulous Olga by -AZUL-. Olga is one of a gown made for Modavia and BOSL Fashion Week 2011! It is available in 6 wonderful colors: Turquoise, Onyx (in the picture), Ruby, Topaz, Garnet and Sugilite. You can't miss this amazing gown so, go to -AZUL- and grab your favorite! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GizzA - La-Di-Da (Champagne)

Hello Fashionistas! Today I am so proud to present you this New Release from GizzA's Fall Collection 2011: La-Di-Da in Champagne. This outfit comes with jacket, fur scarf, pants, belly, fur bag and boots. It is so amazing like all GizzA's designs! You have to take a look at all her Fall Collection and you can't miss this fabulous outfit so, go to GizzA Creations and grab yours! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Donna Flora - HELENA (Peach)

Hello Fashionistas! I am so happy to finally be back after this long time but my computer crashed... Finally is all good! Now, that I am back, I will continue to show you the amazing designs that Second Life has to offer! Today I am so proud to show you this fabulous HELENA, one of the beautiful designs from Donna Flora Fall Collection 2011. About this outfit I can say only great things: the coat dress is a timeless classic and it opens to show the dress underneath and you can wear only the knitted top and the silk chiffon skirt, what makes this outfit very versatile. You can't miss this wonderful outfit so, go to Donna Flora and grab yours! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peqe - NEW Summer Collection 2011

Hello Fashionistas! I just have no words to describe the NEW Summer Collection of Peqe! I just can say that I completelly felt in love with this amazing designs and the vibrant colors! In the pictures I am wearing the Leather Leggins in Teal with the Roses in Bluebell (Picture 1) and the Leather Leggings in Royal with the Tunic in Scarlet (Picture 2). The Leather Leggings are available too in Barbie, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow. The Roses are available too in Camellia, Hyacinth, Lily and Solomons Seal. The Tunic is available too in Apple, Azure, Charcoal, Icon, Orange, Sky, Violet and White. You can't miss this amazing designs so, go to Peqe and grab your favorites! The Poses I am using in the pictures are from Beauty Lounge! Happy Shopping!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello Fashionistas! Today I am really glad to show you this beautiful NEW gown from SHIKI Designs: HIBISCUS LADY! It is perfect for those special occasions and events that command something extra special. The Hibiscus Lady combines a sculpted top created with hibiscus flowers and a flexi skirt that flows with each step, commanding everyone's attention! Meticulous details and textures finish the look. It is available in Sunset, Pink (in the picture) and Lavender. Go to SHIKI Designs and grab your favorite!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

CHANTKARE - Country Madras Dress

Hello Fashionistas! Today I am so proud to show you this lovely dress from CHANTKARE: the Country Madras Dress! Applonia Criss has created a modern adaptation inspired in Caribbean Fashion. This dress is a fabulous choice for a casual day, to go shopping or to hang out with friends. The Hair is Lisa Hair from Baiastice (available at the Hair Fair 2011) and the Pose is Vanessinha Dress 7 and you can find it in Beauty Lounge. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SON!A - Summertime Dress Petal

Hello Fashionistas! Today I am so glad to show you this fabulous creation from the Summer Collection of SON!A: the Summertime Dress Petal! This fresh, sexy and beautiful design comes with a hat, purse (with two poses included), 2 bikini styles (thong only, no bra included) and a leg tattoo. It is available in 6 vibrant colors, perfect for this Summer season. The Pose I am using is Vanessinha Girl 5 and you can find it in Beauty Lounge! Happy Shopping!

Monday, July 11, 2011


And today I am showing too one dress that completelly caught my attention: Waikiki Chic from SHIKI Designs! The Waikiki Chic is a fabulous dress that combines tropical colors with a simple yet sexy silhouette. It is the perfect dress to wear for any occasion. The dress comes with a flexy skirt and an optional sculpted hibiscus flower attachment. It is available in 3 color combinations: Red, Violet and Coral Green (in the picture). So, go to SHIKI Designs and grab your favorite!