Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 3

"Quand il me prend dans ses bras il me parle tout bas je vois la vie en ros". Couture background and fresh details enlighted by colour, it's like to hear the romantic notes of the famous french song when you see this dress from Bliss Couture: Jolina! Jolina was created for an unforgettable evening, a special everyday moment or maybe a weekend in Paris, a perfect mix of precious details and sensual simplicity. Emperor line featuring a short corset with a delightful cut on the breast and spagheti straps, and a wide middle lenght skirt made of a plain satin silk on a black lace petticoat. Beautiful light reflections on the textile details wrap the feminine silhouette enhancing the small waist and the movement and shape of the skirt. It is available in sunshine, steel pink, black, green, blue and yellow and you can find all of them at the Bliss Couture's Flagship Store! The hair I am wearing is from Bliss Couture Hair and it's called Elizabeth Hair (short with fringe) and I choosed it in Blondes! Happy Shopping!

Spring finally arrived and we have to renew our wardrobe! I am really happy to present the first two New Spring Releases from Anubis Style: ALIX and ANANYA! ALIX is a fabulous shimmering silver and black mini dress with sculpted skirt and sunglasses. ANANYA comes in two versions: a perforated shirt with long sleeves and mini skirt and a perforated tank and capri pants. You can't miss this so... Go to Anubis Style and grab yours!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 2

I am so proud to show you one of my favourite dresses from Bliss Couture: Kelly! Kelly is a more daywear casual look that brings couture detailing and rich fabrics to the light of day. A vintage material of lace on plain textile, that reminds the coats of the 50's Hollywood Divas, makes the entire dress, from the tight bodice to the sculpted neckline and the middle lenght skirt. The waist band highlights the smaller part of the silhouette and comes in the same tone of the lace or in black, matching also with the borders of the top attachment, the skirt and the bow on the asymmetric neck's lapel. The Kelly Dress is available in Red, Midnight, Gold, Purple, Chocolate and Forrest and you can find it at the Bliss Couture Flagship Store! So, don't miss it!
Dress: Noir Papillion de Nuit Dress in [LeeZu!]

Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH

Pose: 005 in Glitterati

I am so proud to present you one of the New Releases of the Spring Collection of [LeeZu!]: Noir Papillion de Nuit Dress. Emerge into the moonlight like a black swan, wearing this fabulous dress. Embracing your chest with sculpted flowers and decorative stem ornaments, the set comes with soft matching gloves and hair acessory. Finished with a dark feathered skirt, it completes the captivating mystical dream! Go to [LeeZu!] and grab yours!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH

Pose: TM Spring'11 Makeover Brittani in {.:exposeur:.}

I am so proud to show you today one of the NEW Releases from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion: NUAGE!! Nuage in french means "cloud". And that is the perfect word to describe this elegant gown!! This full-bodied evening frock in black and white satin is a feast for the eyes. The fitted patterned bodice is sleeveless and the deep V plunge in the front of the gown is very alluring. There is a large black and white satin bow prominantly displayed in the front of the gown and followed by layer upon layer of black and white satin and black bows cascading down to the floor. The effect of the layers of satin and black ribbons on the body of the gown is nothing short of mezmerizing. A fitted "cage" of sparkling black chain hugs the shoulders and is set with brilliant diamonds on the back and cascading chains which drape down the deep V back. The look is bold and breathtaking!! NUAGE will leave you floating on a cloud of refined sophistication coupled with exquisite grace. So, ladies... Go to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and grab yours!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I am so proud to show you today some creations of the Spring Collection of Elemiah Designs: SUKI, Tip Top and Bibi!! SUKI was created to Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and I completelly falled in love with it... It is a 100% charity product to help Japan!! The Tip Top it's available in 3 colors and come with resize script in skirt and top. And Bibi, I love this little dress too, so fresh to use during the sunny days of our fabulous Spring!! So... All good reasons to go to Elemiah Designs and grab all this amazing and fresh designs!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I am so proud to show you some creations from VERO MODERO, a very casual brand that I personally love!! In the first picture we can see the Low Rise Bermuda (Marine) with two different tops, the first one is the Chic Top Dot and the second is the Chic Top Floral Hippi. In the second picture I am wearing the Low Rise Bermuda (White) with Blossom Leaf. The hair I choosed is called Mocha (Blondes) from .::LoQ Hairs::.. I hope you like and... Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dress: Elenoire in Baiastice
Hat: Dandelion in LODE
Jewelry: Elise Set in *ByKay*
Hair: Allison (Blondes) in
Pose: Pretty Princess 1 in {.:exposeur:.}

I am so glad to show you today one dress that I completelly love from Baiastice: Elenoire!! This dress is very glamorous, with the puffy sleeves, the strapless tight upper and the skirt that is amazing. As always, Sissy Pessoa made a fabulous job and I am sure that you can't miss it, so... Go to Baiastice and grab yours!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dress: MonabaRocco (Black) in Agy Secret
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Attention Hoar 5 in {.:exposeur:.}

Today I'm showing you other fabulous New Release from Agy Secret: MonabaRocco! The dress is so sexy and very glamorous!! The lace body is sinuous and really sexy. The flexy wide skirt is suggestive because it follows every movement of the body and it quite seems as if it has a own life. And the mask? Completelly amazing... I love it because makes you look so misterious!! You can find the dress in 4 different colors: Black, Pink, Red and White. What you're waiting for? Go to Agy Secret and grab your favourite!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is coming and Angel Dessous has just released an amazing collection dedicated to this Season!! Today I will show you two of my favourites: Eloise (Lingerie) and Alice (New Gown Series). Eloise is not only a stunning lingerie set but also a Show Girl dress with the lace fans on the back. Comes with a beautiful lace and satin body, extra long seamed stockings, long fingerless lace gloves, belt, overarm bracelets and an eyecatching lace halfskirt/fan in two options (black and lingerie color) on the back. It comes in five colors: meadow, silver, ocean, raspberry and rose. In Alice, a shimmering bustier in beautiful colors is the base for a beautiful dress. The skirt is made of delicate organza with colored hems and has a beautiful soft flow. The same material is used for the little bolero which surrounds your shoulders in adorable ruffles. A matching lace and pearl collar belongs to the set as well as stunning fingerless gloves. Take a look at the hand jewelry, a very fashionable detail of the whole gorgeous gown. So, I gave you a lot of great reasons to go now to Angel Dessous and choose your favourites!!

Hair: Magda Hair Attachment in Baiastice
Pose 1: 192 in Glitterati
Pose 2: 193 in Glitterati

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dress: Mandy (Black) in PurpleMoon Creations
Jewelry: Jetta Jewelry Set in Socialite Wardrobe
Hair: GTs (Blonde) Heavy Metal Up-Do in HERE
Shoes: Julia Heels (Multi-Color) in !!4D Shoes

I couldn't resist and I had to make this post... First of all, I am so proud to show you one of my favourite designs from PurpleMoon Creations: Mandy!! And I am so glad to work with Poulet Koenkamp again!! And second, I discovered one NEW Hair Brand in the Grid and I falled completelly in love with this hair... I have to tell that all of you have to have it... It is amazing, and comes with "Change Color Option" in the metal!! The hair you can find only HERE and it is the first creation of Ghost Trefoil but she promises more and I am so curious to see!! And the shoes, that I loved too, you can buy them at the final of this week in !!4DShoes!! All good surprises!! So... Have a Happy Week Shopping!!

Best Bliss Couture's Design 1

Dress: Barby Gown (Vintage) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Beauty Set in Donna Flora
Hair: Carmen Hair (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Little Hearts 3 in {.:exposeur:.}

Vintage allure, sensual elegance and signature design. I am proud to present you the Barby Gown from Bliss Couture, a perfect ensemble for a romantic evening or a formal affair. It is available in six amazing colors: purple, pink, blue, vintage, pearl and black. You falled in love with it? Go to Bliss Couture and grab your favourite!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dress: LEONOR Gown (Cream) in Donna Flora
Jewelry: VIVIAN Pearl Set in Donna Flora
Hair: Model Hair 23 (Pack B) in W&Y
Pose: Spring'11 Makeover Alexandria in {.:exposeur:.}

Today, I would like to introduce you with a lot of pleasure an amazing gown from Donna Flora: LEONOR!! It is a fabulous gown with wonderful details... I completelly falled in love with it!! To match with this gown, I choosed the beautiful VIVIAN Pearl Set from Donna Flora too!! So... Go to Donna Flora and grab your favourites!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dress: Lolita (Onyx) in -AZUL-
Shoes: Plastique in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Gretchen (Blondes) in MT HairStyle
Pose: Pretty Princess 2 in {.:exposeur:.}

-AZUL- has released a sweet NEW gown: Lolita!! This gown is amazing, the details are fabulous and I completelly fall in love with it!! It is available in 6 colors: Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Onyx, Ruby and Turquoise!! So... Go to -AZUL- and grab your favourite!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outfit: MEGAN in Anubys Style
Hair: Graceful (Blondes) in Vanity Hair
Pose: Pretty Princess 1 in {.:exposeur:.}

I am so proud to present you this amazing NEW outfit from Anubis Style: MEGAN!! Anubis Hartunian, the Designer, decided to start the Spring 2011 with this fabulous creation!! A wonderful big skirt full of colors, with a beautiful brown belt, a warm opened gilet with white fur and the boots in brown with white fur complete this outrageous outfit!! You really can't miss, so... Go to Anubis Style and grab yours!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dress: Jolie (Black) in (Kunglers)
Jewelry: Inez Set in *ByKay*
Hair: Magda Hair Attachment in Baiastice
Pose: Pretty Princess 4 in {.:exposeur:.}

Today I am showing you a fabulous design from (Kunglers): Jolie! I completelly falled in love when I saw it... It is so beautiful and perfect to wear everyday! So... Why don't you go to (Kunglers) and see with your own eyes?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dress: Patchouli BoomBoom (Black) in Agy's Secret
Jewelry: Lorena Inspiration in *Finesmith Jewelry*
Hair: Woopsie (Blondes) in Vanity Hair
Pose: Pretty Princess 2 in {.:exposeur:.}

I am very proud to present you a New Brand in Second Life: Agy's Secret by Agtaope Carter. You really have to check her Store... It is completelly fabulous and her designs are amazing!! I am wearing the Patchouli BoomBoom in Black, one dress that completelly caught my attention... It is so sexy and makes you feel so elegant!! To match with the dress, nothing better that this Jewelry Set from *Finesmith Jewelry*, that I personally love!! So... Go to Agy's Secret and take a look!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dress: Dancer (Cocoa) in Angel Dessous
Jewelry: MONICA Set in Donna Flora
Shoes: ALICE Shoes in Donna Flora
Hair: Pin Up Hair (Blondes) in Vanity Hair
Pose: 31-40 in .::Ks2cool::.

Today, I am very proud to present you the New Release from Angel Dessous: Dancer. Dancer is a true enchanting, empire style Spring Dress and comes in two skirt versions. One is a long skirt and other is a 4/5 with a kind of open front to have a view to the legs. Both skirts are awesome soft flowing. The top is decorated with a little brooch and a bow on the neck. Isn't completelly eyecatching? It is available in many different color variations too! So... Go to Angel Dessous MainStore and grab your favourite!!