Friday, July 30, 2010

In the photo we can see the New Releases of Indyra Originals: the Coquette Noir!!! The first ones (in Black and Red) are the Addiction Boots and the other two pairs (in Pink and White) are the DV-8 Boots. Pricing is 650L for each pair of DV-8 Boots, while the Addiction Boots are 700L each. These boots from the Coquette line makes every girl feel sexy!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dress: Delight Berry (hat included) in Angel Dessous
Hair: Nice (Blonde Pack) in Magika
Pose 1: Model_90 in **Manifeste**
Pose 2: 092 in Glitterati

A sophisticated Gown set with sultry lace and sheer decorated fabric parts, long gloves, glitch pants, flexi skirt, sculpted waist and collar flower brooches with flexi ribbons highly detailed fashionable sculpted hat. Available this week at the MainStore as this week Angel Dessous Group Offer (only 99L)!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dress: Emerald in Donna Flora
Earrings: 5th Element Earrings in Morantique Lush
Shoes: BM Summer Wedge (Blues & Greens) in Baby Monkey
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: High Fashion 7 in {.:exposeur:.}

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dress: Natasha in Alatiel Fashions
Earrings: Rita Nera Earrings in Morantique Lush
Hair: Con Panna (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Model_99 in **Manifeste**

22nd July – 31st July
Alatiel Outlet department is extended to the WHOLE store! In addition to the 2nd floor of the MainStore, filled with the very first creations and classics of Alatiel Fashions, be sure to visit the Formal, Casual and Men departments. ALL ITEMS from previous collections of Alatiel Fashions have been set on Special Sale from 50L to 100L!!!
Note: The latest releases of Summer 2010 Collection are not part of this promotion!!!
Dress 1: Loose Summer Dress (Chocolate Cookie) in HYPER CULTURE
Dress 2: Loose Summer Dress (Classic Stripes) in HYPER CULTURE
Dress 3: Loose Summer Dress (Flower Bliss) in HYPER CULTURE

Earrings: Animated Earrings in [Glow] Studio (TDR BLUE)

Shoes: BM Summer Wedge (Blacks & Reds) in Baby Monkey

Hair: Frappe (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.

Pose: 093 in Glitterati

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dress 1: Mimmi Gown (Purple) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry 1: Mimmi Full Set (Purple) in Alienbear's Design

Dress 2: Mimmi Gown (Maroon) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry 2: Mimmi Full Set (Red) in Alienbear's Design

Shoes: Sonata in Kalnins Fashion Footwear

Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH

Pose: Model_141 Sabine in **Manifeste**

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dress: DA Obsession Purple in Dressing Aphrodite
Stockings: DA Stockings (Pink Floral) in Dressing Aphrodite
Shoes: BM Skootch Flats (Pinks & Purples) in Baby Monkey
Hair: Cafe Au Lait (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Female H1 in Amacci
Shirt: DA Free Fallin Shirt Blue in Dressing Aphrodite
Leggings: DA Ripped Leggins White in Dressing Aphrodite
Hair: Cafe Au Lait (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Shoes: Wonder in Kalnins Fashion Footwear (New Release)
Pose: Spunky 3 in aDORKable Poses

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outfit 1: Cruel Ete Rose in Prelude
Outfit 2: Cruel Ete Jaune in Prelude
Outfit 3: Cruel Ete Bleu in Prelude
Hair: Roxana (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: 091 in Glitterati

Have a Summer Sale starting right now on all the shops of the Sim!!! Prelude, NorthWind and Freckles Designs have discounted their prices of 30% to 50%. It's a HUGE Sale and you can find there Skins, Eyes, Formal and Casual Attires for Men and Women, each and every item is discounted!!! This Summer Sale will end Sunday at 12PM!!!
Swimsuit 1: DA Floral Purple Swimsuit in Dressing Aphrodite
Hair: Isidora (Light Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: at the media awards in (marukin)

Swimsuit 2: DA Nautical Navy Blue Swimsuit in Dressing Aphrodite
Earrings: ~~Delyn~~ Fatale Earrings Round (Red) in [Glow] Studio
Hair: Drew (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: PPH2 - Female Pose 1 in *EverGlow*

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dress 1: Dawn (Lime) in (Elate!)
Pose 1: {SMS} only me 2 in So Many Styles
Shoes 1: BM Skootch Flats (Blues & Greens) in Baby Monkey

Dress 2: Dawn (Sunset) in (Elate!)
Pose 2: {SMS} headache in So Many Styles
Shoes 2: BM Skootch Flats (Blacks & Reds) in Baby Monkey

Dress 3: Dawn (Blush) in (Elate!)
Pose 3: {SMS} only me in So Many Styles
Shoes 3: BM Skootch Flats (Blacks & Reds) in Baby Monkey

Hair: Aura (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.

Dawn is a beautiful ruched ombre dress which drapes elegantly across the body. It comes in six summery color combinations, and it's available exclusively at the fair until August 8th. 50% of the proceeds from this new dress will go directly to Hopeline, a national suicide prevention hotline. More information can be found at
Beachwear: Marylin (White) in Angel Dessous (bracelets included) Hair: Roxana (Blondes) in TRUTH
Shoes: Sonata in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Pose: Alesha in []on the cover[]

A cute retro beachwear set by Angel Dessous. Marylin includes sculpt bows, attached left and right at the upper legs and also different sized prim bangles in coordinated colors. It's available at the MainStore as this week Angel Dessous Group Offer (only 99L$)!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skin: Michelle in *Mayden Couture* (COMING SOON)
Jumpsuit: Kylie Jumpsuit (Purple) in Bliss Couture
Hair: Collins (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Dress: Carrie Wedding Black in Angel Dessous
Bracelet & Earrings: Ashley in CCD

That's the new enchanting Wedding Gown of Angel Dessous. The sculpted skirt is eyecatching and unique in shimmering satin, the bodice is decorated with a sparkling brooch. The whole fabulous appearance is crowned by a stunning long train veil in black. Definitelly is a Gown for a lady who likes to cause impact. If you want to feel like a moviestar, Carrie is your choice.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top: La Goa Necklace Top (Blue) in [LeeZu!]
Skirt: O'LaLa Micro Jeans Skirt (Stonewashed) in [LeeZu!]
Shoes: BM Summer Wedge (Blues and Greens) in Baby Monkey
Hair: Is (Blondes) in Magika
Pose: White - Trip Not in ..::DARE::..

Monday, July 19, 2010

International Fashion Week 2010 ended yesterday, 18th July. And to finish my notices about that, let me show you some great designs of some Designers who made International Fashion Week 2010 the huge success it was!!!

1. Penang Bikini (Fuschia) in [[[SWANSONG]]]
2. Riot Dress in [ROC]
3. GSC Tender Whisper in G. SLOANE COUTURE
4. Bloomer Pants & Summer Tunic in HYPER CULTURE
5. PattySpring Green in Angel Dessous
6. Retro Look 4 CARRIE in Faster Pussycat
7. Sunshine (Peach & Burgundy) in PurpleMoon Creations
8. Enticer Black in SON!A

And... I am waiting for International Fashion Week 2011!!!
International Fashion Week 2010
DAY 4 - 18th July

1PM - JADOR FASHION - Ziamela Loon
If you are searching some shop for fanciful, inventive, unique and innovative clothes that make a statement on any social scene, the hottest club nights, or just out strolling the high street... Each Design of JADOR is an original, inspired and influenced by themes such as nature, artwork, interplanetary exploration, vintage, retro and even rock and roll!!!

2PM - NAIVE - Leah McCullough
The brilliant Designer Leah McCullough is known for her innovative, cultured, enchanted, cosmopolitan and alluring Designs in women's fashion and lingerie. Each is one of a kind that can only be the work of the original and creative genius of NAIVE Designer!!!

3PM - SWANSONG - AtomicSparkle Skytower
SwanSong is a magnificently well designer line of clothing. The choice if fabrics and textures is astounding. AtomicSparkle Skytower's dresses are simply stellar in styling and colors, the bikini's reveal just enough to be classy not trashy and the formal wear is out of sight amazing. If you care to have first class fashion in Second Life, keep SwanSong in your mind.

4PM - G SLOANE COUTURE - Geryn Sloane
G. Sloane Couture is a store that is more than just clothing. Geryn Sloane has a wide variety of fashionable accessories and all are as well thought through as her magnificent creations. Go to her store and take a look!!!

PurpleMoon Creations not only have the amazing fashion forward clothes, but they have so much more: hair and shoes! All of us always love new and cool hair and PurpleMoon Creations has brought us just that. They have a line of unusual avant-garde styles. Just like their clothes, the hairs are detailed and beautifully crafted. The store really has everything of a girl could want: dresses, hair, shoes and more. You really have to go there and see!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

International Fashion Week 2010
Day 3 - Saturday, 17th July

1PM - NEFERTITI KIMAGAWA - Nefertiti Kimagawa
She started designing clothing just for the fun of it. Her fiancé said she should sell her Designs, and that's how all got started. It took many days of pulling her hair out and wanting to throw her computer out her window but she finally have begun to design clothing that she like and that others like. Take a look at her store and see her beautiful Designs!!!

2PM - SON!A - Sonia28 Jie
A huge and amazing World of Fantasy when we go to her store and look at her clothes! Her wonderful Designs remind us about the Fantasy Movies, full of emotions and vibrant colors! The woman who wears her Designs is surely very elegant and sexy!!!

3PM - MIAMAI - Monica Outlander
Miamai offers to us high quality casual and elegant clothing. We can find in Miamai a store for every girl and for every style. Casual, Formal, Wedding, Urban... And with a very good line of accessories and hair too! What you want Miamai surely have! You really have to visit and see with your own eyes!

4PM - FASTER PUSSYCAT - Honey Bender
A very high fashion and fresh label of a young Designer with great visions and ideas! Honey Bender has an amazing taste for high fashion. Her label dares to be different. Beside the usual "mainstream" she created wonderful Designs that let every Fashionista heart beat higher!!! Definitelly a Designer to keep an eye!!!

5PM - SHIKI DESIGN - Shinichi Mathy
Fashion for men and women!!! The designs of Shinichi are created by hand and he try to express the seasons through Fashion. Take a look at the store and see the beautiful Designs SHIKI Design have to offer!!!
International Fashion Week 2010
DAY 2 - Friday, 16th July

1PM - ALAFOLIE - Pixivor Allen
Undeniably elegant clothes range from casual sets to short cute dresses, flowing party outfits to elegant gowns. Her bold choice of color and the differing styles make any women feel sexy, flirty and ready to have fun no matter what the occasion.

2PM - ALEIDA - Aleida Rhode
Aleida Rhode is already a popular and successful Fashion Designer, with everything from casual to formal, to haute couture to shoes, to skin and accessories. Take a look at her store and see all her beautiful Designs!!!

3PM - ANGEL DESSOUS - Nando Korobase
We all know Angel Dessous with the beautiful lingerie. Last year they start with some other Designs and since 2010 they keep designing amazing outfits and not only formal but also casual Designs. Go to Mainstore and see all the wonderful Designs!!!

4PM - ORAGE CREATIONS - Elettra Gausman
After a few months she started her adventure in Second Life, Elettra found the Fashion Industry and decided to try her hand at clothing artful. Creating and designing came very easily to her and instantly across Elettra was pumping out fashionable clothes. The woman who wears Orage Creations Designs is elegant, sensual and fascinating!!!

5PM - KIM FASHION - Kimberly Flagon
KIM Fashion has become known for her high quality and very, very sexy bodysuits and form hugging dresses. Take a look at her store and see her amazing mini-dresses, skirts, tops, dresses and bodysuits.
Dress: Arlene Gown (Peach) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Earrings and Necklace in Alienbear Design
Shoes: Sonata in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Allison (Blonds) in
Pose: A Li'l Shy 1 in {.:exposeur:.}

Friday, July 16, 2010

Did you miss the first day of the International Fashion Week 2010? Let me tell you what you missed!!!

DAY 1 - Thursday, 15th July

1PM - HYPER CULTURE - Christensia Parkin
The HYPER CULTURE Designs features the casual to chic, bikini to ball gown. All inspired designs from the talented visions of Christensia Parkin. Please remember to visit HYPER CULTURE and experience the full Summer Collection!!!

2PM - CONVOITISE - Toume Yao
CONVOITISE is a store for every girl and every style. From the skimpy to the demure and anything in between, CONVOITISE has it for you! The attention to detail and spans of genre have created a niche in Second Life that will keep her costumers coming back just to see what has been add!!

3PM - MEA CULPA - Tatanka Kaligawa
When you are looking for a new high fashion, avant garde, haute couture store, then you really need to visit the new brand on the grid Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa stands for extraordinary fashion for extraordinary women.

Women who demand casual to ballroom couture for the demands of an active social lifestyle know one thing: when it comes to Designs on the cutting-edge and fashion-forward, look no further than a creation from Indyra Originals. The quality of design each ensemble offers features vibrant and colourful design merged with creative symmetry and attention to detail. Essential style elements Indyra weaves throughout her creations!!!

5PM - ROC - Ranena Olivier
(Unfortunatelly I wasn't present in this last Fashion Show!!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top: Kaegan Long Top (Black) in Indyra Originals
Shorts: Kaegan Shorts (Navy/Silver) in Indyra Originals
Jacket: Bon Charme Jacket Noir (Silver) in
Indyra Originals
Shoes: Sonata in
Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Carrie (Light Blondes) in
Earrings: Fatale Earrings in
[Glow] Studio
Bracelet: ELOYSE (Dress Part) in

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dress: Cinta Rainbow Dress in Timbaktu Inc.
Hair: New Bob (Blonde Pack) in MT Hairstyle
Bracelet: Play7 Candy Bracelet (FREE) in Elemiah Design
Shoes: Sonata in Kalnins Fashion Footwear

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top: Beertilicious Spring Green in [ Cynful ]
Pants: Chrizzpy HighWaist Short in [ Cynful ]
Shoes: BasicFlaties Olive in [ Cynful ]
Hair: Cassidy.2 Blonds in
Earrings: Folk Green Drop Earrings in [Glow] Studio

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dress: Layana Black in CONVOITISE
Shoes: Sonata in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Hair 15 Model in W&Y

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shirt: Fairy Shirt White in =Zenith=
Leggings: White Legging in =Zenith=
Shoes: BasicFlaties Lilac in [ Cynful ]
Earrings: No Round Earrings in [Glow] Studio
Hair: Drew (Blondes) in TRUTH

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dress: Amara Gown (Teal) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Ashley in CCD
Hair: HAIR New 53 TYPE B in W&Y

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top: Beertilicious Khaki in [ Cynful ]
Skirt: ChrizzpySkirt HighWaist in [ Cynful ]
Shoes: BasicFlaties Olive in [ Cynful ]
Earrings: Fatale Earrings (Black) in [Glow] Studio
Hair: Isidora (Light Blondes) in TRUTH

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Outfit: Smoking Menthe in Prelude

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dress: GSC Timeless in G Sloane Couture

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bikini: Paulina Cream in .:C.Smit:.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pants: Highwaisted Engineer Shorts (Black Denim) in The Sea Hole
Shirt: (part of) SAS Eco Black in Sascha's Designs
Jacket: (part of) Elyna Red in CONVOITISE

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dress: My Precious RFL Romance Dress in Agnes Finney