Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was today and all the latest news are around that wonderful fact!! Let me say that, in my personal opinion, her Wedding Dress was fabulous: simple and really beautiful!! Yesterday, in Fashion Bloggers Group, someone told: "Tomorrow let's make a post called «My Royal Wedding Style»" and, as always, I loved the idea and here am I showing to all of you my "Royal Wedding Style". If I was a guest, probably I had chosen a gown like this gorgeous Anna from -AZUL-!! This gown is glamorous, so elegant and it is available in 6 colors: Topaz, Onyx, Ruby (in the picture), Jade, Garnet and Amethyst. So... Go to -AZUL- and grab your favorite!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

And today I am so glad to show you one of the dresses I completelly love from CHANTKARE: My Cousin Marie!! This dress is perfect for a walk during this Spring days!! This is a rich vibrant floral dress, flirty and fresh. Applonia Criss, the Designer, says: "My little cousin Marie had on a vintage dress from Laura Ashley (RL) and I wanted to create my interpretation of the dress Chantkare Style!". I think she did a great job!! It is available ONLY at the Marketplace so... Grab yours!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Show Time Ladies, and CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is pleased to create and offer a beautiful new costume for you to "strut your stuff" in - GRANDIOSE! GRANDIOSE is indeed grand in every detail. In brilliant shades of pinks and corals, is the perfect outfit for a Show Girl! The chickly textured and fitted bodice is very low cut in the front and attaches with spaghetti string straps. In addition, the front of the bodice is covered with a beautifully fitted white diamond cage with rows of sparkling chains that hang down the front. The flirty prim skirt shows off your legs to the max and the sparkling chains hanging all around the front hem will have all eyes on those fabulous legs, too! Short pink and coral feathers are attached to the sides of the skirt as well. A very full skirt of long pink and coral feathers attach to the back and cascade to the ground for a breathtaking and dramatic effect. Additional feathers are also attached to the shoulders. And a magnificent silver and diamond crown with voluminous plumage sits atop your head - truly fit for a Show Queen! GRANDIOSE is dazzling, exciting and ravishing in it's details. And definitelly not for the faint of heart! Go to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and party all day and night in GRANDIOSE!

Friday, April 22, 2011

And I am so proud to announce that Beauty Lounge is finally having the First Releases out!! For now you can find in the Store beautiful Eyes and fabulous Poses... But wait, because you will have amazing Skins and Make-Ups!! So... Go to Beauty Lounge and take a look!!

- Izadora Pelazzi & Vanessinha Vectoscope -

I am so proud to present you some designs of the New Spring/Summer Collection from LG Femme: BlaBla Mini-Dress, Parachutes Legs, Inca Shirt and Capri Jeans! All this designs have the common theme of bright colors, striped patterns and precious materials like leather and suede. You can't miss them, so... Go to LG Femme and grab your favorites! The Poses in the pictures are made by me and you can find them in Beauty Lounge! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today I am so glad to present you this sweet outfit from (Kunglers Couture): Lisa! I completelly falled in love with it because makes me feel like a little girl. It is available in 5 colors: Abstract (in the picture), Forest, Floral, Leopard and Pois. So, go to (Kunglers Couture) and grab your favourite! To match with the outfit I choose this cute set of necklace and earrings from Indyra Originals: Suha Beads! It is available in a few color options: Blue Curacao, Honey Suckle, Live Coral (in the picture), Noir, Peony, Russet and Silver. So... Go to Indyra Originals and grab your favourite! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I am glad to show you one of the latest releases from Angel Dessous: Catherine Lace Lingerie!! This Lingerie comes with various layers for a several options like corset, bra, pantie, laces and stockings for mix and match, and also comes with a flower collar. The micro skirt gives an adorable girlie and also a stunning sexy look. Catherine is available in several colors (I chose to wear it in Black) and in two versions: sheer lace for a hot "look through" look and a beautiful shimmering brocade texture for the opaque look. So... Go to Angel Dessous and grab your favourite!!

Best Bliss Couture's Design 8

Because Spring arrived, today I am so proud to show you this fabulous gown from Bliss Couture: Cellandra! Feathers and lace together to bring the new Spring trends to life in a kaleidoscope of colour. Wear only the two seducing and rich materials to feel entirely the charme of the fashion label's new Haute Couture design. Only a breathtaking bodice made of the see-through favourite fabric, that doesn't leave much to imagination wrapping the feminine curves with the signature elegance and sensuality that we all know. Glows, garters and stockings in a matching colour add a plus of sartorial lingerie's sexappeal. A magnificent full lenght skirt, open on the side, and a soft decolletage all in feathers make Cellandra a couture design of unique beauty. The gown is now available in Gold, Blue, Black, Pearl, Nude and Purple and it's already a must in every colour. You can find Cellandra Gown Complete Collection at Bliss Couture's Flagship Store. To match with this gown I chose Monica Hair (Champagne) from Bliss Couture Hair. Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 7

Today I am so proud to show you some more pieces that I completelly love from the Basic Collection of Bliss Couture: Zara Top (Magenta) and Elaine Floral Pants (Purple). All the fabulous Basic Collection have the objective of make you feel feminine, luxurious, colorful and cosy for your everyday look. You can't miss it at Bliss Couture Basic! The hair I chose to wear is Weena Hair (Champagne) and you can find it at Bliss Couture Hair! Happy Shopping!

Today I am so glad to show you some Jewelry Sets from a New Brand that I found on the Grid: Stars!!! This Sets (Delilah, Jenny, Peace Cameo, Sallie and Sephira) are very beautiful and I think all of you will like them!! So... Go to Stars! and grab your favorites!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 6

Today I am so proud to show you one of my favourite gowns from Bliss Couture: the Breezy Gown. The strapless draped bodice and the fitting waist line enhance the elegant silhouette and comes with a cascade of ruffles on the side from the top bodice to the floor, with a magnificent overall impression of alluring movie star sensuality. I chose to wear it in Purple but it is available too in Black, Red, Teal, Olive and Blue. Go to Bliss Couture's Flagship Store and grab yours!!

Today I am so proud to show you some New Releases from (Kunglers Couture): Cinthya, Felicia Blouse, Jane Skirt and Crisalida Jewelry Set. Cinthya is a short sexy dress with sheer cuts over sequined texture. It is available in 5 color options: Gold, Navy, Pink, Red and Silver. Felicia Blouse and Jane Skirt, you can find them at the Mix'N'Up Section and both are available in 5 color options. Crisalida is the new Jewelry Set and you can find it at the Kunglers Extra Section. All good reasons to visit (Kunglers Couture) and grab your favorites!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today I am so proud to show you this beautiful dress from VERO MODERO: Linear! I chose to wear it in Black, but it's available too in Brick, Purple, Blue and Green! The dress comes with one lace shoulder and lace tail. I'm sure you don't want to miss it so... Go to VERO MODERO and grab your favourite!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 5

Because the Spring has arrived I am so proud to show you this Dream Gown from Bliss Couture: Annie! Emperor line with a beautiful hearth shaped small corset, that comes with a stunning and seducing double layered skirt, short and perfectly shaped the first one and full lenght, soft and sheer the second one. Another lights catching emsemble that plays with the reflections of precious silk and based on the bicromatic effect of refined shades on white background. The Annie Gown is available in six fabulous colors: teal, pink, grey, rust, melon and black and you can find the completelly collection at the Bliss Couture's Flagship Store! The hair I chose is called Christine and you can find it in Bliss Couture Hair! Happy Shopping!

Today I am very proud to present one of the NEW Releases of CLEO Couture: Oceans Of Love! This gown is completelly amazing and glamorous... Perfect for a special ocasion with that special person! To match with the gown I chose the "Oceans of Love - Collar Necklace and Earrings", made by Ceasar Xigalia which you can find in CLEO Couture too! All good reasons for you to have a Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 4

I will continue to introduce you my favourite designs from Bliss Couture! Today I am proud to show you one of my favourites of the Bliss Couture's Basic Collection: the Kristal Halter Pantsuit (Classic). All the fabulous Basic Collection, created by the amazing designer Amutey DeCuir, have the objective of make you feel feminine, luxurious, colorful and cosy for your everyday look. You can't miss it at Bliss Couture Basic! The hair I chose is Liza Hair (Champagne) and you can find it in Bliss Couture Hair!
I am so proud for continue to show you the New Spring Releases from Elemiah Designs! Today I am introducing you the fabulous Boop! Boop is a little dress, which includes a resize script. It is a fresh and very cute dress, perfect to wear during the hot days! It is available in 3 different colors, so... Go to Elemiah Designs and grab your favourite!