Sunday, October 31, 2010

- 1 -
Dress: Spiderweb Dress in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Black Sherbet Jewelry Set in §GaNKeD§
Shoes: Prisma in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Abigail (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Chelsey 4 in Posies

- 2 -
Dress: Eve Gown (Halloween Special Edition) in Bliss Couture
Jewelry: Black Sherbet Jewelry Set in §GaNKeD§
Hair: Darlene (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Kacey 4 in Posies

Because it's Halloween... A two special amazing outfits from Bliss Couture!! You can't miss them!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress: Ellis (Poppy) in (Kunglers Couture)
Jewelry: Lady Forest Set in *ByKay*
Hair: Monica (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Sara 10 in [doll.]

Today I'm proud to present an amazing design from the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection of (Kunglers Couture): Ellis!! I'm wearing Ellis in Poppy and it's available too in Serina, Chocolate, Prism and Frozen!! It's a fabulous and very glamorous dress... You have to visit (Kunglers Couture) and grab yours!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shirt: Soda Shirt (Mod 1) in Baiastice
Pants: Brinka Trousers (Blue) in Baiastice
Shoes: BM Summer Wedge (Blues & Greens) in Baby Monkey
Jewelry: 2009 AlienbearxAgnes in Alienbear's Design
Hair: Carmen (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: VISTAPF23 in Vista Animations

As promised, I'll continue to show you the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection of Baiastice! This shirt and pants are another example of this fabulous collection, rich in colors and with different and fabulous materials! One more time, I want to tell: Congratulations to Sissy Pessoa for this amazing Fall/Winter Collection! Go to Baiastice and see with your own eyes!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dress: Armed Elegance in House Of Fox
Earrings: Couture Pearls Jewels in House Of Fox
Bracelet: Bead Single Wrap Bracelet (Black) in Bonita's Jewelry
Shoes: Wonder in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Darlene (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Jane in Posies

Armed Elegance is a short dress in Black and White with a fantastic black prim attachment for the shoulders. It looks like they are connected to the shoulders with two stripes, one on each shoulder that hold the great shoulderparts in place. The top is made in black, without likes or stripes that go up to the neck. The skirt starts in black and it looks like that there would be another underskirt in cream-white, but the whole skirt is made of one prim... Simply amazing! Go to House Of Fox and grab yours!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dress: Radieuse (Rouge) in Prelude
Hair: Con Panna (Blondes) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Professional Catwalk Photoshoot Pose 29 in Perfection is Style

Dress: Envole Moi (Rose) in Prelude
Hair: Espresso (Blondes) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Professional Catwalk Photoshoot Pose 21 in Perfection is Style

Today I present you two more amazing designs from Prelude! Like I said yesterday, Prelude is closing and having a BIG CLOSING SALE til October, 26th. Everything are disccounted to 50L (except Fatpacks that are also disccounted).
First dress is Radieuse. The dress indeed intends to make you radiant, but also sensual and fresh, with its bodice of lacing. Romantic summer balls, a touch of hot blood, extremely sensual dress in three vivid colors: Rouge, Bleu and Fuchsia.
Second dress is Envole Moi. Inspired in the winds of September, this dress has a romantic aspect to it - it's fresh and light - yet it is nice touch for the Autumn. A little extra touch for the mid-season. It comes in five colors: Green, Turquoise, Autumn, Rose and Silver... And in all layers as always (the skirt is sculpted, not flexi). Let the Autumn breeze fly you to Prelude Mainstore!

Friday, October 22, 2010

- 1 -
Dress: Comtesse (Silver) in Prelude
Hair: Frappe (Blondes) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Professional Catwalk Photoshoot Pose 3 in Perfection is Style

- 2 -
Dress: Delicate (Ocean) in Prelude
Hair: Frappe (Blondes) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Professional Catwalk Photoshoot Pose 9 in Perfection is Style

Today I'm proud to show you two stunning gowns from Prelude!! Unfortunatelly, Prelude is closing the doors but have a big SALE til October, 26th. Everything are disccounted to 50L (except Fatpacks that are also disccounted).
The first gown is Comtesse. It tells tales of mistery and secret adventures, richly embroidery with an overlay of laces. It comes in 3 colors: Rouge (Dark Red), Bleu (Blue) and Silver. Wear it for a masquerade ball or a meeting in Versailles...
The second gown is Delicate. As the name says, it's delicate and graceful, in silky texture, flowy and gentle. It inspire romantic dreams. This gown comes in 4 colors: Ocean (Soft Blue), Rubis (Red), Vanille and Midnight. All of them have the special silk bustle that makes the dress even richer to the eye... And to the senses!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress: Elena Gown (Midnight) in Bliss Couture
Hair: May (Vanille) in Bliss Couture
Pose: The Red Queen in Olive Juice

Bliss Couture has released the enchanting Elena Gown, another signature design from the Fall Collection. Absolute glamour and outright sensuality meet in this jaw dropping couture piece, fit for the Queen of any realm with the asymmetrically slashed bodice and dramatic lace accents. Crafted from luxuriously textured rich black satin, Elena Gown's statement shape starts with the deeply cut neckline, open in a diagonal to well past the thigh, and banded with small black satin straps. The full lenght skirt swirls and swoops in dazzling panels of deepest black satin, embroidered along the hem with white lace motifs. Striking poufs of gathered black lace accentuate both the shoulder and hip areas, and finishing the look are matching full lenght gloves. The Elena Gown is available in 6 amazing shades of Olive, Black, Teal, Coffee, Purple and Midnight and you can admire it at the Bliss Couture's Flagship Store.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dress: Pirouette Gown (Dark Red) in Sascha's Designs
Jewelry: Elise Set in *ByKay*
Shoes: Prima in Kalnins Fashion Footwear (NEW)
Hair: Allison (Blonds) in
Pose: 95-100 in ::Ks2cool::

Today, I'm proud to present you Pirouette, a very classy and simple gown, which due to it's simplicity will make this a hit wherever you go!! Sascha Frangilli added six different frills to it, so you can make all the different tops and it ranges from Formal to Cocktail. The gown comes with: Top, 6 different Frutsels (Jacket Layer), Straps, Glitch Long & Cocktail Skirt, Glitch Long & Cocktail Pants, Gloves, Bolero Sculpt, Sleek Flexi Skirt, Medium Bum Flexi Train, Medium Bum Flexi Fronts (x2), Battleship Flexi Skirt and Cocktail Tulle Flexi Skirt. The price is 550L and it's available in 5 amazing colors: Magenta, Blue, Dark Red, Black and Pink. Go to Sascha's Designs and grab yours!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dress: White Party in SHIKI Designs
Jewelry: XENIA Set in Donna Flora
Hair: Model Hair 17 in W&Y
Shoes: Dante in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Pose: Makeover Lexie in {.:exposeur:.}

I am proud to introduce you this beautiful dress of SHIKI Designs: White Party!! This is one of the designs from the NEW Fall/Winter 2010 Collection!! This couture dress combines hand-created textures with sculpted embellishments for a simple yet complex outfit. Featured at Modavia Fashion Week to rave reviews, the White Party is the dress to be seen in!! Go to SHIKI Designs and grab yours!!
And, how I always fall completelly in love with each jewelry creation from Donna Flora, I choosed this XENIA Set to match with the dress. The XENIA Set has two asymetrical earrings along with a silk chiffon set choker with silvered leaves and a large central white flower with opal center. You have to go shopping at Donna Flora!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Applonia Criss

Name: Applonia Criss.

SL Rezz Day: December of 2007.

How did you get into Fashion Design?
By accident LOL I wanted something in a color and I made it.

What inspired you to get into Fashion Design?
Hmm... Lot's of things... I wanted to explore my creative side and being that I have an RL Fashion Background it seemed sort of Natural to try it here in this reality.

How you describe your line of clothing?
It is a Mix of my Personality for the Modern Sophisticate who's Energetic Loves Classics with a Modern Edge.

What's your favourite piece to wear? Why?
Hee I'm such a Girly girl both in RL as well in SL. I'm always in a dress or something. All my pieces are my fave LOL

You have to pick one outfit from all your creations as your favourite work. What's your choice and why?
The VERY BEST dress I ever made in SL. Because it allowed me to see all the possibilities that I can create from that and now, when I pull it out I'm reminded of how far I've come creatively as well as my Technique has grown.

You have other Designer(s) that you admire? Who? And why?
OMG!! SOOO many LOL. My faves that inspired me MUCH to get in this crazy Fashion World I love would have to be the Lu Sisters of Paper Couture and Minnu Palen and Thora Charron of LeLutka. They have pushed the envolope as far as technique and design for me in this metaverse. I am truly inspired by many others but at the moment they stand out in my head.

What advice do you have for young woman/men who want to be a Fashion Designer?
Hmm... Dare to dream and never give up on them! Stay true to your vision no matter what the critics say after all it's YOUR Second LIFE!! :)

I had the pleasure to Interview one of the Best Designers in the grid! I want to thank Applonia Criss for her time to make this Interview! And please, visit CHANTKARE, I'm sure you'll love her outstanding designs! If you want an idea of her work, please see the next 2 designs of her Fall/Winter 2010 Collection...

Dress: Momi Dress (Peach) in CHANTKARE
Jewelry: Adalia Jewelry Set in *ICED*
Shoes: Ballet Floral Shoes (Brown) in CHANTKARE
Hair: Sadie Hair (Champagne) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Ulaa in {.:exposeur:.}
Dress: Morgan Dress (Forest) in CHANTKARE
Jewelry: Sascha Necklace (Sky) in §GaNKeD§
Shoes: BM Skootch Flats (Blues & Greens) in Baby Monkey
Hair: Heather Hair (Sugar) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Willis in {.:exposeur:.}
Dress: Florence Evening Gown (Pink) in (Seldom Blue)
Hair: Tanya (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: BCA 6 in Glitterati

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year? I am very proud to present two stores who support BREAKTHROUGH CANCER RELIEF FUNDRAISER: (Seldom Blue) and Glitterati! (Seldom Blue) presents us with this Florence Evening Gown and the Florence Pink Lingerie too... Both of the items are ONLY available for the duration of the month, and once it's over, they will be off the shelves forever! Glitterati presents us with a Pack of 10 Poses named BCA! You can't miss this items and the opportunity of support this big event!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dress: [LI] Bookish in Lemania Indigo Designs
Necklace: Sascha Necklace (Citrine) in §GaNKeD§
Hair: Roxana (Blondes - Dune) in TRUTH
Pose: Makeover Lexie in {.:exposeur:.}

100L Special @ Lemania Indigo Designs (NEW RELEASE)
Dress: Priestess (Purple) in CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion
Hair: Model Hair 17 in W&Y
Pose: Sara 04 in [doll.]

Now you can be a Priestess and rule your Kingdom! Priestesses are all-knowing and all-wise. They speak for the Goddess, work for the Goddess and live their lives to bring honor to the name of the Goddess. When you wear Priestess from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion you'll bewitch all those around you in this mesmerizing gown! The brilliant colors of these gowns are only the beginning. Golden diamonds adorn the sides of your face and your eyes are drawn to the diamond-adorned chest plate and the dramatically golden, sparkling, sculpted shoulder pieces with flowing satin fabric cascading down your back on either side in either Blue or Purple, threaded with strands of Gold and connected with double bands of either Blue or Purple satin. Simply breathtaking! The gown itself is form-fitting, with the bodice in either brilliant Blue or Purple satin. The main part of the gown matches the sparkling golden shoulder pieces, and leads down to a striking train that eventually morphs into either the Blue or Purple satin, depending on which color gown you purchase, with gently flowing prims surrounding and moving with you as you walk. Beautiful Blue or Purple satin gloves with feminine, sculpted tops are also included. Simply stated, this gown is a dream! It's unique, dazzling, and totally enchanting! And it can be yours!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dress: Sienna Crochett Cocktail Gown (Ecru) in Indyra Originals
Jewelry: Couture Pearl Jewels in House Of Fox
Boots: Coquette Noir Augustine Boots (Ecru) in Indyra Originals
Hair: Christina Hair (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Sara 03 in [doll.]

Indyra Seigo, the Designer of Indyra Originals, created a NEW Fabulous Dress: Sienna! I'd choose in Ecru color and I love it so much! The dress is available in a lot of Autumn great colors: Noir, Ink (Blue), Forest, Merlot (Red), Flambe (Orange), Wine, Soil (Brown), Snow (White) and Ecru (Beige). Indyra created too, to match with the dress, the beautiful Augustine Boots, available in the same colors of the dress! You can't miss this wonderful Indyra Originals designs!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dress: PRECIOUS (Cerise) in CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion
Earrings: Flowers Earrings in *Finesmith Jewelry*
Hair: Padma (Blondes) in TRUTH
Pose: Makeover Kendal in {.:exposeur:.}

I am so excited to present this NEW Stunning Gown from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion: PRECIOUS! You will feel like a Queen in this sophisticated, chic gown. This classic and elegantly form-fitting satin gown has softly flowing prims at the bottom that gracefully move with you. The bodice is made of a lovely black and white swirled pattern that criss-crosses and hugs you tight. And dramatically eye-catching, lofty group of ruffles are secured to the front of the bodice and trail over the left shoulder and across the back. The black and white fabric repeats in the middle layer of the shoulder ruffles and the outer layers match the color of the gown with a spray of silver polka gems. Beautiful satin gloves with satin cuffs complete this spectacular creation! PRECIOUS comes in 4 colors: Blue, Arcoise (Black), Cacao (Brown) and Cerise (Red). Make an appearance at your next Formal Event in PRECIOUS and all eyes will be on you!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dress: *MLC* Thread Bare Silk Gown Dusk in Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry: Elyssa Jewelry Set in *ICED*
Hair: Carmen Hair (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: ANTM Ann Short in Posies

Mohna Lisa introduce us her newest release, the Thread Bare Silk Gown. Slip into sexy, silky elegance with Thread Bare Silk. This enchantingly stunning dress comes in 2 different colors: Dusk and Noir. Coming with just above the elbow silk gloves and a soft silk wrap that drapes gracefully over your shoulders makes it perfect for the cooler Fall Season. The dress itself has more of that soft, silky material, contouring to the luscious and curvy shape of the female body and flowing seamlessly down to the silk skirt that opens on one side, perfectly complimenting the silk thread accents on the left leg. The Thread Bare Silk Gown lives true to its name, with delicate but strong silk threads intertwined with the silk fabric, creating intricate little designs against your bare skin. The thread, in an amazing work of art, completes the dress, encasing the silk skirt in stitches of threaded loveliness, finished off with a 100% threaded silk train to finalize this incredible creation. You really have to visit Mohna Lisa Couture and grab yours!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dress: SAS Tawny (Caffe) in Sascha's Designs
Earrings: Solaris Earrings in Morantique Lush
Shoes: Sonata in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Siri (Blondes) in Maitreya
Pose: 001 in Glitterati

Sascha Frangilli presents us this wonderful dress, Tawny, perfect for any Formal occasion or for a Cocktail. The Tawny dress comes with the following options: Top, String, Gloves, A-Sym Glitch Skirt, A-Sym Flexi Skirt, Short Glitch Skirt, Cocktail Flexi Skirt and Short Sculptie Skirt. The price is 249L and it's available in: Caffe, Silver, Bronze, Blue, Pink and Beige. You can buy the Fatpack too!! You can't miss it!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

- Vanessinha Vectoscope -
Gown: Enza in Anubis Style
Jewelry: Ashley in CCD
Shoes: Intense Blue Shoes in Anubis Style
Eyelashes: Wing Lashes in House of Fox
Hair: Monica Hair (Blonde) in Bliss Couture

- Flora Stipe -
Gown: Flora Dress (Blue) in Anubis Style
Jewelry: Flora's Shimmering Dreams Earrings in Finesmith Jewelry
Shoes: Intense Blue Shoes in Anubis Style
Nails: Metallic Ocean Blue Nails in PurpleMoon Creations
Hair: Carmen Hair (Brown) in Bliss Couture

Our Pose: The Perfect Excuse to Buy a Poofy Dress in Glitterati

Enza is an amazing, stunning and elegant Gown that makes any woman feel sexy and glamorous!! Flora is a glamorous Gown ready to make you feel elegant for any Formal occasion!! You really can't miss the NEW 2010 Fall/Winter Collection of Anubis Style!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dress: Mei (Onyx) in (Elate!)
Jewelry: KoS Set Silver in [Glow] Studio
Shoes: Plastique in Kalnins Fashion Footwear
Hair: Christine Hair (Blonde) in Bliss Couture
Pose: Jane in Posies

Mei is a silk sheath dress with a delicate black lace overlay and is tied by a sculpted silk ribbon. It comes in eight deep, saturated hues. Kellie Iwish, the Designer of (Elate!), created her first dress, Mae, in the beginning of 2008 and she decided to revitalise it again. Mei is the rebirth of the Mae design in a more modern and beautiful new dress. Go to (Elate!) and grab yours!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Outfit: Wakili (Black-White) (Necklace Included) in Angel Dessous
Jewelry: KoS Set (Silver) in [Glow] Studio
Boots: Bota Pedra (Preto) in Brasil Mall
Hair: Mocha (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Sofia 09 in [doll.]

Angel Dessous is proud to announce the African Queen Photocontest concerning the Release of Angel Dessous African Fashion Line!! The contest will run from 01. October till the 07. October 2010 (12PM SLT). The winner will be advised on the 08. October 2PM SLT following the Craig Lyons Live Concert (~*~ The FASHION ROCKS Series ~*~) at the Angel Dessous MainStore. See more about the contest HERE!!