Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peqe - NEW Summer Collection 2011

Hello Fashionistas! I just have no words to describe the NEW Summer Collection of Peqe! I just can say that I completelly felt in love with this amazing designs and the vibrant colors! In the pictures I am wearing the Leather Leggins in Teal with the Roses in Bluebell (Picture 1) and the Leather Leggings in Royal with the Tunic in Scarlet (Picture 2). The Leather Leggings are available too in Barbie, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow. The Roses are available too in Camellia, Hyacinth, Lily and Solomons Seal. The Tunic is available too in Apple, Azure, Charcoal, Icon, Orange, Sky, Violet and White. You can't miss this amazing designs so, go to Peqe and grab your favorites! The Poses I am using in the pictures are from Beauty Lounge! Happy Shopping!