Monday, July 19, 2010

International Fashion Week 2010
DAY 4 - 18th July

1PM - JADOR FASHION - Ziamela Loon
If you are searching some shop for fanciful, inventive, unique and innovative clothes that make a statement on any social scene, the hottest club nights, or just out strolling the high street... Each Design of JADOR is an original, inspired and influenced by themes such as nature, artwork, interplanetary exploration, vintage, retro and even rock and roll!!!

2PM - NAIVE - Leah McCullough
The brilliant Designer Leah McCullough is known for her innovative, cultured, enchanted, cosmopolitan and alluring Designs in women's fashion and lingerie. Each is one of a kind that can only be the work of the original and creative genius of NAIVE Designer!!!

3PM - SWANSONG - AtomicSparkle Skytower
SwanSong is a magnificently well designer line of clothing. The choice if fabrics and textures is astounding. AtomicSparkle Skytower's dresses are simply stellar in styling and colors, the bikini's reveal just enough to be classy not trashy and the formal wear is out of sight amazing. If you care to have first class fashion in Second Life, keep SwanSong in your mind.

4PM - G SLOANE COUTURE - Geryn Sloane
G. Sloane Couture is a store that is more than just clothing. Geryn Sloane has a wide variety of fashionable accessories and all are as well thought through as her magnificent creations. Go to her store and take a look!!!

PurpleMoon Creations not only have the amazing fashion forward clothes, but they have so much more: hair and shoes! All of us always love new and cool hair and PurpleMoon Creations has brought us just that. They have a line of unusual avant-garde styles. Just like their clothes, the hairs are detailed and beautifully crafted. The store really has everything of a girl could want: dresses, hair, shoes and more. You really have to go there and see!!!