Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skin: Femme -Alisar- Light/LB/Mu 01 in [CheerNo]
Jacket: NightLove FlexiJacket (Black) in [LeeZu!]
Pants: Burleske Tights (Black) in [LeeZu!]
Boots: Dncorde Danse (Black) in [LeeZu!] (NEW)
Hair: Frappe (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: Top Model Alasia in {.:exposeur:.}

A mysterious masquerade ball or a haute couture catwalk? New Dncorde Danse booties from [LeeZu!] will lead you on a fashionable adventure. Upper cuffs fall down the ankles, fastened on the back over high heels, while hanging over buckled straps embrancing the tongues on the front. Laces join the draped instep, which extends into a striped shoe toe. Take a look at [LeeZu!]!