Tuesday, September 14, 2010


DAY 5 - September, 13

12PM: Ricielli - Fhara Acacia
Ricielli is a new concept in Fashion. Ricielli is a large Fashion Store offering a wide range of sculpted ladies clothing, as well as a small selection of poses, skins, shapes, and other appearance items.

1PM: Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Inspired by the stories and surroundings in Anne Rice's "Claiming Beauty" series, the New Collection blends fantasy, elegance and smoldering sensuality with old-world glamour. Amutey DeCuir has created a splendid treasure trove of gowns designed to enhance the inner Beauty in every Princess; Royal in bearing and luxurious in detail, each gown features incredibly rich textures evoking majestic riches, multiple layers of flexible prims for flowing movement and opulent detailing. Welcome to the Kingdom of Beauty, by Bliss Couture.

2PM: B! Fashion - Barbarella Cioc
Fashion made in Italy - Gowns, Sexy Dresses, Lingerie, Shoes, Accessories.

3PM: Gems & Kisses - Deliziosa Vendetta
Gems & Kisses offers intricate and detailed jewelry designed by Deliziosa Vendetta including rings, gemstones, necklaces, earrings and bangles.

4PM: Emerging Designers Showcase (featuring the best of the New Couture Designers)

..:: DAY 6 @ Modavia Fashion Week ::..
2PM: L'Abel/Ivalde
3PM: House Of Fox
4PM: Indyra Originals

You can't miss Modavia Fashion Week 2010!!!