Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outfit: Miss Tre`s (Blue) in [LeeZu!]
Shoes: Dncorde Dance (Sky) in [LeeZu!]
Earrings: Pearl Set in Alienbear's Design
Hair: Con Panna (Blonde Pack) in .::LoQ Hairs::.
Pose: 80's Splash in ..::DARE::..

What lustful cravings may get their release when you dress up in [LeeZu!]'s Miss Tre`s? Combined, the Hat, Blouse, Gloves, Skirt, and Tights form an intriguing ensemble, with a suspiciously and frivolously wrinkled skirt and blouse, revealing, as well as supporting adventurous conquests, in the stealth of silent boudoirs. Miss Tre`s comes in four well balanced color constellations: red, blue, white and black. Be prepared!!