Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dress: *MLC* Thread Bare Silk Gown Dusk in Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry: Elyssa Jewelry Set in *ICED*
Hair: Carmen Hair (Blondes) in Bliss Couture
Pose: ANTM Ann Short in Posies

Mohna Lisa introduce us her newest release, the Thread Bare Silk Gown. Slip into sexy, silky elegance with Thread Bare Silk. This enchantingly stunning dress comes in 2 different colors: Dusk and Noir. Coming with just above the elbow silk gloves and a soft silk wrap that drapes gracefully over your shoulders makes it perfect for the cooler Fall Season. The dress itself has more of that soft, silky material, contouring to the luscious and curvy shape of the female body and flowing seamlessly down to the silk skirt that opens on one side, perfectly complimenting the silk thread accents on the left leg. The Thread Bare Silk Gown lives true to its name, with delicate but strong silk threads intertwined with the silk fabric, creating intricate little designs against your bare skin. The thread, in an amazing work of art, completes the dress, encasing the silk skirt in stitches of threaded loveliness, finished off with a 100% threaded silk train to finalize this incredible creation. You really have to visit Mohna Lisa Couture and grab yours!!