Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dress: Pirouette Gown (Dark Red) in Sascha's Designs
Jewelry: Elise Set in *ByKay*
Shoes: Prima in Kalnins Fashion Footwear (NEW)
Hair: Allison (Blonds) in
Pose: 95-100 in ::Ks2cool::

Today, I'm proud to present you Pirouette, a very classy and simple gown, which due to it's simplicity will make this a hit wherever you go!! Sascha Frangilli added six different frills to it, so you can make all the different tops and it ranges from Formal to Cocktail. The gown comes with: Top, 6 different Frutsels (Jacket Layer), Straps, Glitch Long & Cocktail Skirt, Glitch Long & Cocktail Pants, Gloves, Bolero Sculpt, Sleek Flexi Skirt, Medium Bum Flexi Train, Medium Bum Flexi Fronts (x2), Battleship Flexi Skirt and Cocktail Tulle Flexi Skirt. The price is 550L and it's available in 5 amazing colors: Magenta, Blue, Dark Red, Black and Pink. Go to Sascha's Designs and grab yours!!