Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dress: Priestess (Purple) in CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion
Hair: Model Hair 17 in W&Y
Pose: Sara 04 in [doll.]

Now you can be a Priestess and rule your Kingdom! Priestesses are all-knowing and all-wise. They speak for the Goddess, work for the Goddess and live their lives to bring honor to the name of the Goddess. When you wear Priestess from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion you'll bewitch all those around you in this mesmerizing gown! The brilliant colors of these gowns are only the beginning. Golden diamonds adorn the sides of your face and your eyes are drawn to the diamond-adorned chest plate and the dramatically golden, sparkling, sculpted shoulder pieces with flowing satin fabric cascading down your back on either side in either Blue or Purple, threaded with strands of Gold and connected with double bands of either Blue or Purple satin. Simply breathtaking! The gown itself is form-fitting, with the bodice in either brilliant Blue or Purple satin. The main part of the gown matches the sparkling golden shoulder pieces, and leads down to a striking train that eventually morphs into either the Blue or Purple satin, depending on which color gown you purchase, with gently flowing prims surrounding and moving with you as you walk. Beautiful Blue or Purple satin gloves with feminine, sculpted tops are also included. Simply stated, this gown is a dream! It's unique, dazzling, and totally enchanting! And it can be yours!