Monday, March 21, 2011

Dress: Mandy (Black) in PurpleMoon Creations
Jewelry: Jetta Jewelry Set in Socialite Wardrobe
Hair: GTs (Blonde) Heavy Metal Up-Do in HERE
Shoes: Julia Heels (Multi-Color) in !!4D Shoes

I couldn't resist and I had to make this post... First of all, I am so proud to show you one of my favourite designs from PurpleMoon Creations: Mandy!! And I am so glad to work with Poulet Koenkamp again!! And second, I discovered one NEW Hair Brand in the Grid and I falled completelly in love with this hair... I have to tell that all of you have to have it... It is amazing, and comes with "Change Color Option" in the metal!! The hair you can find only HERE and it is the first creation of Ghost Trefoil but she promises more and I am so curious to see!! And the shoes, that I loved too, you can buy them at the final of this week in !!4DShoes!! All good surprises!! So... Have a Happy Week Shopping!!