Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dress: Patchouli BoomBoom (Black) in Agy's Secret
Jewelry: Lorena Inspiration in *Finesmith Jewelry*
Hair: Woopsie (Blondes) in Vanity Hair
Pose: Pretty Princess 2 in {.:exposeur:.}

I am very proud to present you a New Brand in Second Life: Agy's Secret by Agtaope Carter. You really have to check her Store... It is completelly fabulous and her designs are amazing!! I am wearing the Patchouli BoomBoom in Black, one dress that completelly caught my attention... It is so sexy and makes you feel so elegant!! To match with the dress, nothing better that this Jewelry Set from *Finesmith Jewelry*, that I personally love!! So... Go to Agy's Secret and take a look!!