Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best Bliss Couture's Design 19

Today I'll show you a dream gown that I completelly falled in love at first sigh from Bliss Couture: the Monica Gown! An enchanting ensamble of precious lace and silk, created to take the breath away and to be the star of a very special event. The Monica Gown features a high waist full lenght skirt with a seducing asimmetrical cut revealing your left leg and adorned with a bow on the top. A V shaped white bodice with short sleeves made of the most fashion see through material completes this couture piece of unique charme. The Monica Gown has been released in an amazing palette of colors: Maroon, Teal, Blue, Black, Pearl (in the picture) and Purple. You can find it in Bliss Couture's Flagship Store! The hair I chose is Monica Hair and you can find it in Bliss Couture Hair! Happy Shopping!